Loved T. Dean Diary

“1892 in Ironton, as told through the diary of Lovead T. Dean”

Transcribed by Virginia Bryant for the Lawrence County Historical Society

Loved, sometimes printed Lovead Tisdale Dean, lived at 70 South Second Street, which address was located at the northwest corner of 2nd and Washington Streets (where C&S Gun Shop is now).

He was born 1820 in Taunton, Mass. His trade as a nail cutter took him to Wheeling, WV, where he was in association with the Norton Brothers. There he met Kiturah (Kitty) Williamson and they married in 1857. She was born in 1839 in Allegheny City. They came to Ironton in 1863 and, with the Nortons, bought the Star Nail Mill and renamed it Belfont Iron Works, of which Mr. Dean was VP and General Manager. The Mill was located at Second and Hecla Streets (current location of Meehan/J&M Steel).

The Deans had four children: Charles married Bertha Brown on August 1892; Ida, a music teacher at a Presbyterian school in Ashville, NC, married O.L. (Lot) Davis, who, the time of marriage, 1893, was Probate Judge of Lawrence County; and Ruth, who lived at home – no occupation listed for her in any resources checked, and she apparently never married. The Deans also had three or four children who did not survive childhood.
ETA: Ruth Dean died between the ages of 5 and 10. 

Also living with the Deans, according to early records, was Dean T. Bush, who Mr. Dean referred to in his diary as “our other boy.” The relationship is not clear. Bush worked for the H. H. Campbell Company and was later a printer with the Ironton Register, and then in business many years with Dave Morgan as Bush & Morgan Printers, at 112 South Third.

Mr. John R. Gilfillan boarded with the Deans around 1882. He was the brother of Silver Gloss (Sib) Gilfillan.  His first wife was Salome V. and second wife was Etta M. They lived at 709 Park Avenue. S. Lynn Gilfillan, born 1895, waas the son of John R. and Salome. He served as a Corporal in Company I of the Rainbow Division in World Ward 1, was wounded and gassed in Argonne, and was cited for his bravery. Linn married Gilliam Brammer.

S. G. Gilfillan, in 1888, was a bookkeeper at the Belfont Mill and resided on the northeast side of Vernon between Fourth and Fifth Streets. He rose to Secretary in 1893, Treasurer in 1904, and served as President of Belfont Iron from 1914 until 1928. He was also vice president of the Crystal Ice Company in the 1920s, and, along with Crystal Ice President S.B. Steece, founded the Ironton Cement Company (later Alpha Portland). The Gilfillan home was at 1001 South Sixth Street in Ironton. He married Emma Dean in 1879 and they had six children, two of whom survived childhood. Dean McGrew Gilfillan (born 1890), whom the diary referred to as “a daisy of a boy.” Campbell Gilfillan, born in 1892, served in WW1 and was severely wounded in Argonne. He received the Distinguished Service Cross for bravery. His wife was Elizabeth E., and he operated the Ryan and Gilfillan automobile agency in Ironton.

Nancy Norton, referred to often in the diary, may have been related to Kitty, as her maiden name was Williamson also. She was the wife of F. D. Norton and they lived in the tower house in the 700 block of south Fourth street.


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